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Tech Entreprenuers 101

First question that needs answering is, ‘what exactly is an entrepreneur?

You know what that means so why ask a question you already know the answer to? In the past, being an entrepreneur meant that you were jobless or weren’t really employed but still trying to make ends meet, however, these days entrepreneurs are the champions at being innovative and being creative enough to thrive from using their innate skill sets to make their own businesses.

So why don’t we take a few moments to read about what an entrepreneur truly is before you jump right in to those who have made an impact in the tech industry. In recent years, many professions have claimed ownership over the title of entrepreneur: Founder, business owner, inventor, creative, CEO, director, developer, partner, chairperson, and many others.

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Do we all agree that there is, to some degree, an entrepreneurial trait each of these professions share? However, there is an error in that assumption because a startup founder is no small business owner nor is he or she an inventor with IP but no business.

The real problem there is that we go and research so much about how to be an entrepreneur yet lose sight of what that really entails.

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